Line Striping Machines for Parking Lots

Pavement Striping Machines and Paint Striping Machines for Pavement / Asphalt Parking Lots

What is a Line Striping Machine?

Essentially, you have two options to paint a line on pavement, the easy way or the hard way. You can paint by hand over an outline that you’ve drawn, but this can be painstaking work that doesn’t always deliver perfect work. The more efficient way to mark pavement is using a line striping machine.

A line striping machine is an easy-to-use piece of equipment that delivers efficient and precise lines. While it is an investment up front, you’ll save countless hours and plenty of money if you need to regularly mark or stripe pavement or asphalt. Your body and wallet will thank you for it, and in the end, you’ll get a better line.

Overall, a line striping machine will save you time as it’s more efficient, and money since it takes less paint than manual painting, and you get better results.

What Line Striping Machine Should You Use?

Some machines are better suited to certain jobs than others, or maybe you only need a compact machine for small jobs. We’ll make some line striping machine recommendations based on these and other factors.

If you’re just starting out a line striping business or you want equipment that is suited to small-scale jobs then you’ll want a more compact machine. While they may have less capacity than heavy-duty machines, they are easier to transport and more affordable. The PowrLiner 850 is a great option for those entering the professional line striping business. It weighs only 70 pounds and features an airless paint sprayer and a removable spray gun. It will get the job done for small jobs on parking lots and athletic fields.

The next step up is the PowrLiner 3500, weighing in at 192 pounds. Its swing-back cart design gives you more leverage and makes it less tiring to stripe a parking lot or field. Therefore, it’s more suitable for medium-sized jobs of about 50-150 gallons of paint a week.

If you’re an experienced line striping business, you’re likely in the market for a professional piece of equipment that can handle large jobs. The PowrLiner 4955 is good for jobs that could take up to 200 gallons of paint a week. It has a PowrCenter™ for controls and gauges right at your hands and the SmartArm™ system for easy spray gun adjustments. It also has various features that increase your comfort when you’re painting.

Basic vs. Professional Line Striping Machines

If you’re doing small parking lot jobs that require striping 5 to 10 spaces then a basic manual line striping machine might be best suited for your work. Many beginning line striping businesses start this way to get their feet wet.

But as business grows, you may need to handle larger areas that require more painting. The only way to get these jobs done efficiently is to improve your equipment and purchase a professional-grade line striping machine. Most professional machines are airless providing a better line, making it more time and cost effective. The PowrLiner series of paint striping machines has a nice range of machines that are suited all the way from small-scale operations to massive commercial parking lot jobs.

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We’ve combed through all the different products on the market, and we’ve found the best line striping machines to get jobs done, both big and small. If you have any questions about your newly purchased machine, please feel free to contact us.

With our product recommendations and expertise, you should be armed with the knowledge to buy the best line striping machine for you and your business