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What is a Line Striping Machine?

You have two options to paint a line on pavement: the cheap way or the right way. You can paint the lines of a parking lot with a brush by hand or do it the right way and use a parking lot striping machine.

Anyone who wants to do a good job that looks professional will opt for a good quality parking lot line striping machine.

A line striping machine is an easy-to-use piece of equipment that delivers efficient and precise lines for multiple applications, including parking lots and athletic fields.

While it is an investment upfront, you'll save countless hours and plenty of money if you need to mark regularly or stripe pavement or asphalt. Your body and wallet will thank your parking lot striper, and in the end, you'll get a better, more professional-looking line.

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Best Line Striping Machines

Some machines are better suited to certain jobs than others, or maybe you only need a compact machine for small jobs. We'll make some line striping machine recommendations based on these and other factors.

If you're just starting out a line striping business or you want equipment that is suited to small-scale jobs, then you'll want a more compact machine. While they may have less capacity than heavy-duty machines, they are easier to transport and more affordable.

The Benefits of Parking Lot Striping Machines

  • Better Quality Work: If you're serious about taking your asphalt maintenance business to the next level, you're going to have to do quality work. Without a quality line striping machine, it's just not possible!

  • Increase Productivity: With the right parking lot striper, not only will you be able to charge more, but you'll be able to finish jobs faster, increasing your efficiency, productivity, and profitability!

Bonus: If you already have an asphalt spray sealer and an asphalt crack filler machine for your asphalt maintenance business, adding a line striping machine to your arsenal is one way to add more value to your customers while earning more money per job. These asphalt paint sprayers work wonders!

Parking Lot Line Striping Machine Comparison Chart





Titan Powrliner 3500 Parking Lot Paint Striper

Designed for middle-ground use where you need reliable spraying on a daily basis but without the expense of a hydraulic pump.


Creates consistent lines, the fluid pump has a lifetime warranty, can deliver 2.8 liters per minute, and comes with a 120 cm Honda Motor.

Titan Powrliner 8955 Asphalt Paint Sprayer

Easy to use. This workhorse completes big jobs with ease.


Comes with an S-3 spray gun, has a 200 cm Honda motor, can deliver 9.5 liters per minute, and has a 45-liter paint hopper.

Titan Powrliner 850 Field Striping Machine

Small and compact, this machine is designed for field technicians, beginner entrepreneurs, and more.


Weighs 70 pounds, fits easily in a vehicle's trunk, can handle a 5-gallon container of paint, comes with an LX-40 spray gun and 50 feet of airless hose.

Titan Powrliner 4955 Asphalt Paint Sprayer

Designed for contractors, this machine can handle both medium and heavy-duty jobs.


Comes with an S-3 gun, hose, and tip kits. It can handle light-bodied coatings and low-VOC paints, has an electric converter kit, and pneumatic tires make it easy to move.

Titan Powrliner 6955 Parking Lot Striper

Paint all of the lines that you need on parking lots and more with this workhorse.


It can run on gas or electric, comes with a 160 cm Honda motor, maximum delivery is 8.5 liters per minute, has a 45-liter paint hopper.

Titan LazyLiner Pro Line Stripers Spray

If you need to paint some lines in a short amount of time, this ride-on striper will do the trick.


Comes with pneumatic tires, has a 169 cm Subaru gas engine, can go up to 19 kph, adjustable seat and pedals.

Titan LazyLiner Elite Parking Lot Paint Sprayer

Contractors will appreciate the speed with which they'll be able to paint lines on this ride-on sprayer.


The bumper bar protects the engine, heavy-duty tires, adjustable seat and pedals, and pull or electric start.

NewStripe Self Propelled Airless Line Striping Machine 4600

This powerhouse will help you paint straight lines all day long.


Airless pump with adjustable pressure, has 10-inch pneumatic balloon tires, made in the USA, and holds a standard five-gallon pail.

NewStripe RollMaster Line Striping Machine 5000

A simple, economical striping machine that gets the job done.


Features a peristaltic roller pump, walk-behind with a mechanical wheel, ideal for warehouse floors and pavement, lightweight at a mere 65 pounds.

NewStripe RollMaster Line Painting Machine 1000

It is ideal for simple striping jobs on flat surfaces, as well as anyone on a budget.


Comes with a four-inch roller kit, handle folds for easy portability and storage, a walk-behind with a mechanical wheel, and a self-regulating pump based on how quickly you walk.

NewStripe Airless Striping Machine 4400

A good mid-range option, this striper can handle just about any job with ease.


It can handle uneven and smooth surfaces, adjustable pump pressure up to 3,000 psi, makes it easy to change colors and widths, comes with a quick-release clamp for stencils.

NewStripe Airless Striping Machine 4250

Lightweight and fairly compact, this striping machine is designed for both even and uneven surfaces.


Self-propelled motor, can handle up to 3,000 psi, holds a five-gallon pail, controls are handle-mounted for easy access.

Line Striping Accessories

If you're just getting started with line striping, you're going to need striping paint as well as some stencils.

Getting the right color and type of paint is really important for your job. Will you need a water-based paint or an oil-based paint? White or Yellow?

It's important to know that some states ban oil-based paint, and there are pros and cons to each. Make sure to do some research before you purchase striping paint for your next job. 

You'll also need some stencils. We recommend taking a look at our parking lot stencils collection to help you find the best stencils for your next line striping job.

Asphalt Industrial Has What You Need!

We've combed through all the different products on the market, and we've found the best line striping machines to get jobs done, both big and small. If you have any questions about your newly purchased machine, please feel free to contact us at (888) 320-9855 or email us at

With our expert product recommendations and expertise, you will be armed with the knowledge to buy the best line striping machine for you and your business.