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Parking Lot Blowers

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Asphalt Blowers and Parking Lot Blowers

Parking lots are crucial investments for commercial property owners and managers, necessitating consistent upkeep to ensure customer satisfaction. Central to this maintenance is the removal of dirt and debris that accumulates over time, leading to unnecessary wear and tear. Although manual sweeping is an option, the most efficient method involves the use of gas-powered blowers designed specifically for parking lot cleaning.

Gas blowers and leaf blowers serve as versatile tools engineered to dislodge debris from various surfaces. These machines propel air at high velocities, making light work of cleaning tasks. Gas blowers come in diverse styles, from backpack-mounted units to push blowers, offering precise control over airflow for effective debris removal.

Gas blowers are also a crucial tool for asphalt maintenance companies and contractors. They heavily rely on gas blowers and leaf blowers to prepare surfaces before executing tasks like crack filling and sealcoating. These machines play a pivotal role in achieving a pristine canvas by eliminating dirt and debris, including those nestled within cracks and along edges. The end result is an impeccable asphalt surface, translating to superior final outcomes. Applying crack filler and a layer of sealcoat to a dirty surface will invariably lead to a job poorly done and dissatisfied customers. 

A clean parking lot transcends mere aesthetics; it's a fundamental requirement for a range of maintenance activities, such as crack filling and asphalt sealing. Professionals often favor the dependable 9hp Billy Goat Asphalt Blower for sweeping parking lots due to its impressive power and efficiency. This professional-grade parking lot sweeper streamlines the cleaning process, saving valuable time and effort.

Parking Lot Blowers 9 HP Billy Goat Gas Blower w/ Honda Engine

Parking Lot Blowers Landshark High Output Gas Leaf Blower

For a more budget friendly asphalt blower, opt for the Landshark gas parking lot blower. This gas blower features 8 17" impellers powered by a 9hp motors, generating enough blowing power to help you finish jobs quicker and more efficiently. 

Moreover, parking lot sweeping stands as a crucial prerequisite before embarking on parking lot line striping projects. A meticulously cleaned asphalt surface reveals cracks and fissures clearly, enabling precise repairs while preventing further degradation. Gas blowers are indispensable for clearing these crevices, ensuring a pristine canvas for line striping and other essential maintenance tasks.

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