Asphalt Crack Cleaning Heat Lance


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Asphalt Crack Cleaning Heat Lance

Repairing cracks is not as simple as pouring melted rubber sealant over the cracks and calling it a day. Pre-application which involves cleaning and drying is an important step you shouldn't skip because crack fillers can stick or adhere better to the asphalt pavement when it is free from debris. To prep the pavement, you will need a hot air lance, but not just any heat lance. You want one that's powerful, precise, and affordable.

  • Maximizes crack sealant adhesion
  • Can be used to prepare pothole before filling
  • Removes or remelts excess sealant from the surface

The All-In-One Solution

The Stinger's heat lance model is designed to provide you with maximum performance, regardless of how demanding the project is. With this hot air lance model, you don't need other expensive preparation machines. To keep up with challenging crack repair conditions, this heat lance model has a Honda engine which is rated at 5.5 horsepower. This gives the equipment enough power to remove debris and eliminate moisture so you're ready to apply crack sealant professionally, and have it last.

Aside from a reliable Honda engine, you'll also receive other tools and accessories to help you get started. You'll get the unit itself and a 25-foot hose. The hose is ergonomically designed for easy maneuvering and easy access to cracks. The 59" lance weighs 10lbs, and uses a single-stage compressor. All you need is a propane tank, and you can start prepping the pavement for crack sealing repair.

What's even better? Electronic ignition and a stainless steel burner - quality that's built to make things easy to use, and guaranteed to last.

No Charring or Burns

Unlike other models in this price category, this portable heat lance model does not directly use flame on the pavement. Instead, it burns vapor propane, and mix it with compressed air, resulting in high-velocity hot air with no fire. You get a foolproof way to create perfectly etched and ready cracks. A regulator and stainless-steel burner are available to ensure your safety and the machine's efficiency. The asphalt crack cleaning heat lance is also easy to operate thanks to its swivel rear wheel. Operating the machine is, in fact, a one-person job. 

This item ships freight: you will need a liftgate at your business, or a forklift. If you don't have either, let us know and we will organize one for you.


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