Hot Pour Rubberized Crack Filler (3 Boxes)

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Hot Pour Rubberized Crack Filler

This 30-pound box of hot pour rubberized crack filler can fill and seal 200 linear feet of cracks. Cracks damage and deteriorate the life of asphalt, so crack sealing is a vital part of maintaining its integrity. This is a great option for smaller jobs or property managers. With each box being only 30 lbs, it is easy to transport from site to site. One box can easily do the cracks in a smaller-sized parking lot! This rubberized crack sealer will give you peace of mind for up to four years!

How To Use

This rubberized crack sealer seals joins and cracks that are ½” deep and 1” wide, or less. It dries in only an hour or two and is easy to apply. Once the crack has been cleaned of debris (including dirt and plants) the crack filler needs to be heated and then can be directly poured from a kettle or pour pot onto the crack. Then, just smooth or remove any excess and you are good to go! In two hours or less this product can be driven on, making this product full of ease and convenience.

Hot Pour Rubberized Crack Filler (3 Boxes)


This hot pour crack sealer has some great benefits!

  • Professional-grade
  • Seals against moisture
  • Dries in only an hour
  • Ships to where you need it
  • Retains color and strength for 3-4 years
  • In temperatures under 400°F there is no flammability
  • Amazing 10-year shelf life!
  • Can be used in both oil-jacketed and direct-fire machines
  • Protects against water and ice
  • Any leftover material can easily be reheated



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