230 Gallon Asphalt Sealcoating Spray System

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230 Gallon Sealcoating Sprayer System - AK230

AK230 Sprayer is the right spray system to move seal coating edges to trim driveways. This system is perfect if you are looking forward to sealing residential driveways and commercial parking lots.

AK230 Spray has a 2-in-1 system that helps you spray like an expert. In addition, it is lightweight and seals 23,000 sq feet each fills up. This sprayer is the newly redesigned system, making it suitable for middle-sized contractors. Assembling and disassembling the AK230 Sealcoating Sprayer is an easy task since it takes less than a minute. This feature enables the owner to easily maintain and take the shortest time to clean the sprayer.

The restructured pump and engine blend boost the power performance for that same pressure to the sprayer’s tip. Since it holds 230 gallons of asphalt sealer, this sprayer is the best choice for residential driveways and commercial parking. The design of this AK230 Sealcoat Sprayer makes it suitable to use coal tar sealer and the asphalt emulsion sealer.

230 Gallon Asphalt Sealcoating Spray System Motor And Tank View

Three Ways to Use Your Sealcoating Sprayer

The system offers three styles of operation. Thus, you can mix like a professional and spray for superb performance, which includes:

  • Transfer Mode
    • Connect the transfer kit equipment to move the asphalt seal coat from the drums into the sealcoating tank. By so doing, you can have the Sealcoating Sprayer at home, office, and even at your job site, which will help you move it only when required. This feature lets you hoard sealers for use in future jobs. Hence, even when the plant is closed, you still have supplied, reducing the time you would take to go to the plant and back.
  • Re-circulation Process
    • To mix the sealer, you only have to check the top of the pump and turn the ball valve lever to trigger re-circulation mode. The sealer will move from the bottom to the pump, and the impeller will mix the sealer. Finally, it is taken back to the top- re-circulate the sealer for a maximum of two minutes to thoroughly mix the sealer
  • Spray Method
    • In this mode of operation, for you to spray, you have to use the top part of the pumps and ensure the ball valve is turned on. By doing so, you can now spread the sealer on the surface consistently. For the sealer to work seamlessly, avoid spraying sand on the sealer as it will affect the engine and pump, which is not covered by the warranty. The recommended sealers are Coal Tar and Asphalt Emulsion in Sealmaster, Neyra, and GemSeal only with no latex additives.

What Makes the AK230 Sealer Sprayer So Unique?

The AK230 comes with a spray gun that has three spray tips. The spray tips are placed on the curbside welded hose hanger. Furthermore, it has a strong steel construction, a 2’’centrifugal aluminum pump, a 45 PSI found at the gun tip and Launtop four-stroke engine. The 2’’ aluminum pump, cast iron stroke engine have and standard seals. When spraying heavy sealer, upgrade the pump. This way, you will provide a heavy-duty wear plate that lasts longer. 

To boost the performance of the seal coat sprayer, you can opt to accessorize the sprayer. Moreover, you can get a filter to filter out unwanted lumps. Hence, the unwanted chunks will not clog the tip. To keep the spray hose in good condition and neat, you can get a hose reel. Thus, less time is used when untangling, which makes it easy to finish the job faster. Consider getting the kit to aid in transferring the sealer to the main tank from drums or other sources into the main tank. Also, a seven-horsepower engine is available, which applies four-stroke with oil sensor alert.

Key Features of the AK230 Sealcoating Sprayer

For more specific features on the AK230 Sealcoating Sprayer, let's take a look at the specs tab.

  • Spray gun
    • This feature helps you be in complete control at all times. The AK230 Sealcoat Sprayer is like a pressure washer spray gun, and the ball valve gun lets you control the flow to the tip of the sealer. Therefore, the accurate application is assured, and it instantly shuts off the moment you let go of the trigger.
  • Sealcoat Pump Design
    • In one minute, the AK230 Sealcoat Sprayer pumps 225 gallons. Additionally, the design is friendly to sealers with water, thus providing fan spray that’s pressurized constantly. You can choose cast iron or aluminum.
  • High-quality Spray Hoses
    • The spray hoses are of high quality to minimize the occurrence of any leaks. Furthermore, a leak test is carried out before they are shipped.
  • 3 Spray Nozzles
    • This sprayer comes with three spray nozzles that you can swap on and off the gun using your hands, and no tools are needed.

230 Gallon Asphalt Sealcoating Spray System Motor And Tank Front View

230 Gallon Asphalt Sealcoating Spray System Tank Side View

  • 230 Gallon Capacity Steel Tank
    • The sprayer can hold up to 230 gallons and covers 23000 square feet. In addition, it is skid-mounted using a hole drilled in every corner to make it easier for mounting to a trailer bed or truck. The top lid of this system is well designed for easy access to the tank. A leak test is conducted on the whole tank, and due to the quality check, you are assured of getting a machine that you can rely on when working.
  • Over $3000 Using One Tank
    • Using the seal coating sprayer can make for you an estimated $3000 on one full tank, ensuring you get your initial capital faster. You can make enough profit in a short period.

To get the ultimate performance, use asphalt sealer commercial grade. The spray system is well-suited with the asphalt emulsion gear and coal tar sealer. If you have a sealer from a different supplier, it might work with the system. However, the smooth application is not guaranteed since the additives could not be the same. 

Approved Sealers 

Sealcoating Sprayer Specifications 

  • Launtop Engine
    • Launtop LT210 7.0HP Four-Stroke Engine with Low Oil Shutdown, Recoil Start
  • Honda Engine
    • Honda GX160 5.5HP Four-Stroke Engine with Low Oil Shutdown, Recoil Start
  • Aluminum Pump
    • 2" Aluminum Centrifugal Pump
    • Standard Duty, EPDM Mechanical Seal
    • Cast Iron Impeller
  • Cast Iron Pump
    • 2" Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump
    • Severe Duty, Viton/Tungsten Mechanical Seal
    • Cast Iron Impeller
    • Stainless Steel Wear Plate
  • Tank
    • Total Usable Tank Volume: 230 US Gallons
    • Solid 11 Gauge Steel Construction
    • Welded Engine Mounting Plate
    • Curbside Welded Hose Hangars
    • 20" Manway with Anti-Splash Inner and Outer Lids
    • 2" Flanged Suction Port, 2" FPT Recirculation Port
    • Rigid Black Powder-Coated Finish
  • Standard Features
    • 50' x ¾" 275psi Rated Sealcoating Hose
    • 6' Ball Valve Gun w Hose Swivel
    • 2GPM, 3GPM, 4GPM Quick-Connect Spray Tips (1/Each)
    • Upper & Lower 3-Way Valves
    • Quick-Connect Cam-Lever Fittings
  • Pro Optional Upgrades
    • Steel Hose Reel & Mounting Bracket Kit
    • Line Strainer / Filter Kit
    • 6' Squeeze Valve Gun w Hose Swivel
    • Sealcoating Maintenance Kit
  • Performance
    • Agitation occurs through pump recirculation @ 165GPM
    • Spraying Pressure 45psi at Tip
  • Dimensions
    • 65.5" L x37.75" W x 42.5" H
  • Weight (empty)
    • 400 lbs. (aluminum pump)
    • 425 lbs. (cast iron pump)
  • Weight (full)
    • 2930 lbs. (aluminum pump)
    • 2955 lbs. (cast iron pump)


230 Gallon Asphalt Sealcoating Spray System
230 Gallon Asphalt Sealcoating Spray System Operator's Manual


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