Field Striping Machines

Athletic Field Striping Machines

Whether you’re looking for a high-end field striping machine to tackle big sports facility jobs or a small machine for a little league baseball field, we have you covered with our collection of field stripers for athletic fields and turf.

What Are the Different Types of Field Striping Machines?

You have three options when buying a line striping machine for your field; manual push machines, line striping machines that will automatically paint a line while you guide it, and ride-on field striping machines.

Each type of field striping machine has its pros and cons; the less expensive ones won't burn a hole in your wallet but will take longer to complete jobs and vice versa. Let's take a look at some of the best striping machines for each class.

Best Economical Field Line Painters

Starting off small, we have our manual push field stripers. These field marking machines are generally less expensive but take longer to get the jobs done, making them attractive to groundskeepers who manage small football or baseball fields.


Best Mid-Range Field Striping Machines

If you're looking for a field striper with more efficiency and better overall quality to tackle medium-sized jobs like full-size baseball and football fields, we have a few great options for you.

Best Ride-On Field Striping Machines

Groundskeepers who stripe large fields and complexes or contractors who stripe fields for a living will be looking to invest in a quality ride-on field striping machine. If that's you, take a look at our top 3 picks.

NewStripe NewRider™ 5000 Airless Riding Field Striper

  • Fully Adjustable - 0-3,000 psi pump pressure. You control the perfect pressure to apply thinned or non-thinned paints.
  • Designed to produce the brightest, straightest lines on all-natural or artificial turf
  • Consistent Line Width - The front swivel caster allows the spray gun to follow ground contours while maintaining the line width.

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NewStripe NewRider™ 1700 Airless Riding Field Striper

  • Best value ride on field striping machine for the money
  • Consistent Line Width - Front swivel caster allows the spray gun to follow ground contours while maintaining the line width
  • Powered by a powerful 34cc briggs and stratton OHV motor

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