Athletic Field Line Striping Machines

Athletic Field Striping Machines and Equipment

If you’re looking for a high-end line striping machine or a small manually operated machine to get small jobs done, we have you covered with our collection of line striping machines for athletic fields and turf.

Line striping machines suited for field use will be less harsh than other similar products and protect your field. It is recommended to use a line striping machine that is designed for athletic field use, so you get the best stripes on your grass or synthetic turf.

You have three options when buying a line striping machine for your field; manual push machines, line stripers that will automatically paint a line while you guide it, or machines that you sit on.

Groundskeepers who stripe big fields and complexes will likely be looking for something more heavy-duty that requires less hassle. In this case, a line striper from the Titan PowrLiner series is an excellent choice.


The PowrLiner™ 3500 Line Stripers Spray is a nice mid-range option that is best suited to medium size fields. It will get the job done much faster than a manually-operated machine, and it has a continuously stroking system that eliminates deadband and delivers consistent lines.

But if you need to stripe big projects, a LazyLiner™ Pro Line Stripers Spray will help you grow your line striping business while saving your body. You operate this line striper while sitting on top of it, similar to a lawnmower.

If you only need to stripe small fields or for non-competitive sporting events, then a manually operated machine is the most economical way to go.

The NewStripe Rollmaster Line Painting Machine 1000 is operated by walking behind it. It’s a simple and easy solution that does not require you to touch the paint with your hands.

Overall, our collection of line striping machines for athletic fields has a range of equipment for every kind of grass or turf line striping.