RY10 Pro Crack Repair Combo

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RY10 Pro Crack Repair Combo

This amazing combo set comes with all you need to get started and earn up to $15,000! This combo set comes with an entire pallet of crackfiller and all the tools you need to apply it- a torch, an RY10 PRO melter & applicator, and a crack cleaning machine! If you have ever filled cracks before without these professional tools, you know it can be tiring and laborsome. This set will increase your productivity and make crack filling a breeze!

This combo set is less than $5,000 and saves you around $500 if you bought everything individually! This kit will cover 15,000 linear feet at $1/ft creating $15,000 of potential money-making opportunity!

RY10 Pro Crack Repair Combo

How To Use This Kit

Since a crack that has plants, dirt, or other debris in it makes it hard to fill and get a good bond, cleaning the crack is a necessity. The professional-grade walk-behind Crack Cleaning Machine makes you look professional and saves a lot of time! This machine has hand controls so you can adjust depth, tension, and the operation of the brush as you go along. This is literally a back-saver!

Once your crack is clean and ready, you can use the RY10 Pro and Torch Assembly to get the crackfill ready in half the time you normally would. With 50,000 BTU’s of heat output every time, you get fully melted crackfill in no time!

The RY10 Pro Crack Seal Melter and Applicator Machine is a great combo that saves you time and makes you look like the professional you are. It has a 4-wheel design for traction and stability that can apply on curbs or turns effortlessly. It has a manual agitation feature that ensures evenly mixed and melted material for smooth application. This walk-behind melting machine has an added safety feature. It has a built-in flameout sensor that will cut the flow of fuel automatically if the fire goes out so you don’t need to worry about getting injured in the rare occurrence of a flash fire!

This amazing bundle is a great way to start or grow your business, saving you hours of labor and giving you more time for more jobs. Asphalt Kingdom offers you the best deals we can so you can get your business to become more profitable. As an added bonus, this bundle offers free shipping which saves you even more!

RynoWorx RY10 Pro Crack Filling Machine Operator's Manual


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