Asphalt Crack Cleaner Machine


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Asphalt Crack Cleaner Machine

With this asphalt crack cleaner, you'll get the perfect clean on every crack, every time.

Crack cleaning and preparation is one of many tasks on a job site. It tends to be labor-intensive, which is simply not efficient. After all, having several people cleaning cracks is not an efficient use of labor time.

That's where asphalt crack cleaners come in. These machines dramatically reduce the necessary time to attain a perfect clean on a crack. It also transforms the process into a one-person job that operators can complete concurrently with crack filling rather than before.

  •  Equipped with a durable wire wheel
  •  Gas-powered walk-behind crack cleaning machine
  •  Easy operation

Unlike blowers and wire brushes, the wire wheel on these asphalt cleaner machines destroys vegetation. The wheel also blasts debris out of cracks instead of simply pushing it around. With its adjustable depth and power, there is no comparison.

The Briggs and Stratton engine provides more than enough power to make crack cleaning a quick task. The gas-powered feature means operators can take the crack cleaner anywhere, store gas for it in a can, and keep the job moving.

As with many great machine designs, this walk-behind asphalt crack cleaner is loaded with safety features. First, it's light enough for a single person to lift and operate, even with the more powerful engine.

Next, there's the belt cover and shield assembly. This duo ensures debris does not blow back into the mechanical pieces, making the machine last longer. The shield also ensures that the dirt does not end up in the operator's face.

This asphalt crack cleaning equipment is also built with handle controls. That means no leaning over to change settings or risking fingers near the wire wheel. Instead, operators can easily adjust each setting from the handles for efficient operation.

All this adds up to the perfect asphalt crack cleaner. The efficient design means easy operation while being the fastest way to clean cracks on the market. It's the best option that creates impressive and uniform crack filling results.


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