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Pothole Hunting Package

Start or expand your asphalt maintenance business with Asphalt Kingdom's Pothole Hunting Package. Potholes are safety liabilities that are easy to neglect. What happens to potholes when they're ignored? They get bigger and they become more dangerous! You can be the solution to this by offering asphalt pothole patching services.

Start a Pothole Patching Business

Contractors are charging $95-$100 per press of the RY2X2 Infrared Heating Machine. A “press” takes around 7 minutes and heats up the asphalt below the heater into a workable state. Repairing a pothole with the RY2X2 from start to finish takes about 15 minutes. You can make up to $400/hour. If you work 10 hours in a day, that's $4,000.

This asphalt pothole repair package includes:

RY2X2 2' Infrared Asphalt Heater
6.5 HP Plate Compactor with 5 gal water tank
Asphalt Millings Rejuvenator
Asphalt Light Lute
Asphalt Tamper Tool
Asphalt Rake

Easy to Use Pothole Patching Equipment

The RY2X2 2' Infrared Asphalt Heater is our best-selling pothole patching equipment. This compact heater is used to soften potholes and asphalt depressions up to 2' wide in preparation for patching. Heating damaged asphalt takes less than 10 minutes, while the whole pothole patching process takes less 15 minutes.

Fixing larger potholes or alligator cracking? Place multiple asphalt heaters side by side to cover extensive cracking, potholes, and other asphalt damage.

Striking out alone to hunt potholes is not a problem when you have the RY2X2 Infrared Asphalt Heater and the rest of this complete asphalt repair package. This asphalt heater can be operated by a single person as it is equipped with durable caster wheels and weighs only 90 lbs. The frame is made of 11-gauge steel so you know that it will last a long time.

All the Tools and Equipment You Need for Professional Pothole Patching
We've carefully curated this package for you so you don't have to go through the hassle of choosing the tools and equipment you need for this lucrative asphalt maintenance service.

You will want to stock up on asphalt millings from your local asphalt plant — or if you're in a pinch, you can use asphalt cold patch.

This pothole patching package includes a heat-proof asphalt rake and a lute for reworking and leveling softened asphalt.

The asphalt millings rejuvenator is a must-have for pothole patching, too. It helps restore the asphalt's binders and brings out its rich black color.

After heating the asphalt and reworking it with the lute or the rake, you can now compact it with your choice of tamper. Use the 8-inch tamper tool for small potholes and the Kushlan Plate Compactor, 2300 lb force for bigger jobs.

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