FSA Fast Sealing Additive 1 pallet (x36 5 Gallon)

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FSA Fast Sealing Additive 1 Pallet (x36 5 Gallon)

Tired of waiting for sealer to dry? Revolutionize your asphalt maintenance with FSA Fast Sealing Additive. This powerful additive not only speeds up sealer drying time but also offers a range of exceptional benefits for your pavement projects. It improves sand dispersion, prevents tracking, enhances oil and gas resistance, all without increasing viscosity – and it's incredibly cost-effective.

Key Features

  1. Rapid Drying: Say goodbye to lengthy drying times. FSA reduces sealer curing time by a whopping 50% or more, ensuring your pavement is ready for action faster than ever.

  2. Richer Color: FSA enhances the final appearance by making the coating dry blacker, giving your pavement a pristine finish.

  3. Tracking Prevention: Worried about unsightly tracking and power steering marks? FSA has you covered, keeping your pavement clean and professional-looking.

  4. Universal Compatibility: This additive plays well with all brands of sealers, making it a versatile choice for your asphalt maintenance needs.

  5. Proven Performance: FSA is rigorously tested and trusted by professionals nationwide, delivering consistent, high-quality results.

FSA Fast Sealing Additive 1 pallet (x36 5 Gallon)

Usage Guidelines

  • FSA is most effective when used with asphalt emulsion sealers or blends.
  • Expect optimal results when applying FSA in ambient temperatures above 50°F for several hours during the day.
  • In colder climates, consider increasing the FSA dosage for optimal performance.
  • FSA should not be used as an extender or for bulking; its primary purpose is to accelerate drying.

Suggested Formula Range

  • Asphalt Emulsion: 100 gallons
  • Water: 10 to 20 gallons

Formulation Tips

  • Adjust the FSA dosage to control sealer drying time and viscosity.
  • Finding the right balance of FSA, sealer, and water is crucial; adding too much FSA can thin the mixture.
  • Mix FSA well into the sealer, ensuring proper dispersion before application.

Application Tips

  • Dampen the pavement lightly with water but avoid excess moisture to prevent puddles.
  • Apply FSA sealer using a sprayer system, squeegee, or brush.
  • Maintain an ambient temperature of at least 50⁰F during application, with no rain forecasted within 24 hours.
  • For optimal results, consider applying a second coat if necessary and ensure proper drying to prevent tracking or scuff marks.

Elevate your asphalt maintenance projects with FSA Fast Sealing Additive. Experience faster drying times, richer color, and enhanced pavement performance while bidding farewell to tracking issues. Achieve professional results with this trusted industry solution.

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