Fass-Dri Pavement Sealer Additive


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Fass-Dri Pavement Sealer Additive

Are you sealcoating at night or on the shoulder seasons when temperature changes quickly? Fass-Dri PSA Pavement Sealer Additive is an industry- leading fast-curing formulation that dries from the bottom up. It leaves sand suspended and dries to the blackest black finish.

Mix 2 to 5 gallons of Fass-Dri PSA in 100 gallons of sealer concentrate, before adding water or sand.

The more Fass-Dri you add, the shorter the curing time for the asphalt. It makes the sealer thicker.

Featuring Nano-Cure Technology

This technology allows fast curing as well as sand suspension, the latest advancement in fast dry technology. You'll be able to stripe lots more quickly after sealcoating. It's perfect for all types of sealers.

Suggested Formula Range:


WATER — 10 to 35 Gals.

FASS DRI PSA — 2 to 5 Gals.

SAND — 300 to 500 Lbs.

Formulation Tips:

The formulation above is only a suggested starting point. The actual mix ratio will depend on the job requirements, as well as what works best for your crew and equipment.


  • More Fass-Dri will shorten the sealer drying time.
  • Up to a point, more Fass-Dri will result in a thicker, more viscous sealcoat. Past that point, any more Fass-Dri added will actually thin out the mixture. This point varies according to sealer brand and type.
  • More sand will thicken the mixture.
  • More sealer will thicken the mixture.
  • More water will thin out the mixture. Too much water will cause issues with handling and drying time.

Mixing the Sealcoating Material:

Fass-Dri does not require pre-dilution but should be mixed well before using. Add prepared Fass-Dri and some water into the predetermined amount of sealer, and then begin agitation. It is better to start with only a small amount of water and continue adding as needed to avoid thinning the mixture too much from the start.

Application Tips:

  • Fog spray the pavement with water to dampen it, but not use too much. Too much water will leave puddles and thin out the pre-mixed sealer.
  • Sealer fortified with Fass-Dri can be applied using an Air-Operated Spray System, squeegee, or brush.
  • When applying sealer, ambient temperature should not fall below 50⁰F, and no rain must be forecasted with 24 hours after application.
  • If necessary, apply a second coat if the first coast has dried enough without scuffing. After allowing the second coat to dry, check to make sure no tracking or scuff marks are visible before opening the pavement for regular use and traffic.

Note:The Fass-Dri Pavement Sealer Additive only works in sealer that is being hand applied with a brush or squeegee as well as air operated spray systems like our Airboss 300. Not for use in centrifugal-styled spray systems like the AK55, AK275, AK130, AK130 Pro, AK230, AK230 Pro and the Portable Spray System.

Caution: This product makes sealer thicker. It will 'shock' your sealer if you add too much or add it too quickly, so be sure to add it slowly.


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