4 Asphalt Emulsion Sealer Skids (16 x 55-Gallon Drums)

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 4 Emulsion Sealer Skids (16 x 55-Gallon Drums)

When you have frequent jobs or a large area to cover, buying four skids can save you over $500. Add this savings to the free shipping (depending on location, see below) and you can’t lose! If you do driveway work exclusively, this can last you quite a while!

What Makes Asphalt Emulsion Sealer Different?

This asphalt-based product is a newer alternative to the traditional coal-based pavement sealers and provides a more EPA-friendly coverage.

4 Asphalt Emulsion Sealer Skids (16 x 55-Gallon Drums)

Application and Coverage

This asphalt sealer can be applied with an asphalt sealing brush, asphalt sealer sprayer, or even a squeegee.

  • A gallon of pavement sealer will cover around 100 square feet
  • One drum can cover 5,500 square feet (anywhere from six to eight residential driveways)
  • Four Drums (one skid) contain 220 gallons of sealer and will cover 22,000 SF.
  • Four skids have 880 gallons and will cover 88,000 square feet (enough for 2 acres)

You can easily do a subdivision of driveways this, or a large parking lot of a restaurant or hotel.

Dry time only takes four hours, compared to the industry standard of 24-48 hours. Keep in mind that weather conditions such as rain, high humidity, or fog can slightly prolong the drying period. Regardless, you still have a major competitive advantage!


  • Airport-quality coverage
  • No volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)
  • Free shipping to all states except Montana, Hawaii, Alaska, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, California, and Oregon. At this time, it is not available in Canada.
  • This has a non-hazardous waste classification
  • This dries the same day whereas the traditional sealer has a dry time of 24-48 hours
  • Ships to where you need it whether that is your warehouse or a job site
  • The vivid color makes asphalt look new again
  • Works great with our line of sealcoat spray systems 


  • Weight: 2400 lbs per skid
  • Water %: 53 Max, 48 Min
  • Non-Volatile %: 52 Max, 47 Min
  • Ash %: 39 Max, 35 Min
  • Sp. Gr. @ 77°: 1.29 Max, 1.19 Min

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