Gator Patch Asphalt Crack Sealer (3 5-gallon Pails)

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Gator Patch

This is definitely the product you need to have on hand because it easily fixes cracks that are wider than a half-inch, shallow holes, and alligator cracks. One gallon of patch can cover 150 LF of half an inch by half an inch cracks, or up to 20 sf. This 5-gallon bucket can cover around 480 sq ft of asphalt.

What is A Gator Patch

This mortar or mud-like material is ready right out of the bucket to be squeegeed onto alligator cracked asphalt. The gator patch dries as hard as asphalt and can last several years. It is a much more economical approach to the traditional method of cutting out the damaged area and replacing the asphalt

What is Alligator Cracking

This type of crack is caused by fatigue and some type of structural failure of the area underneath the asphalt. It is called alligator cracking because the asphalt gets little squarish-shaped cracks that resemble the scales of an alligator.

How To Apply

The Gator Patch is easy to apply, long-lasting, and quick drying.
Step One:

  • First, you need to clean the cracked area and ensure it is dry. Plants, dirt, and other debris left in the crack can cause the patch to not adhere correctly and reduce the effectiveness of the patch. You can use whatever method you are comfortable with, but we suggest using a crack cleaning brush, a blower, a heat lance, or a Billy Goat Grazer.

Step Two:

  • Mix the patch material according to the directions on the bucket. Pour the Gator Patch directly onto the cracked surface. Spread the material out with a squeegee, removing any excess once complete.

Step Three:

  • Let the patch dry for three or four hours before allowing anyone to drive on the area.

Optional - Step Four:

  • 48 hours after applying the patch, we recommend using a coal tar sealer or regular asphalt sealer to make the area more durable and the repair last longer.

Gator Patch Asphalt Crack Sealer (3 5-gallon Pails)


  • Save time and money by patching instead of removing and replacing damaged asphalt
  • The area is ready for traffic in four hours or less
  • The finish is hard and smooth
  • Lasts up to four years
  • Waterproof and withstands harsh climates


  • Close container well after use to reduce contaminants or unwanted drying
  • Keep away from children
  • Do not store in direct sun or areas that will reach a temperature of over 100°F
  • Wash application tools with soap and water. A solvent can be used on material that has dried
  • Avoid applying on wet asphalt, temperatures below 50°F, or on a rainy day


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  • Hi! TGIF!! Do you sell 1, 5 Gallon bucket only? If so, what’s the price and shipping costs? Thank you!


    Thank you for your question. 

    The minimum order for the Gator Patch is 3 - 5 Gallon Pails. 

    Let me know if you have other questions.