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The Stinger Asphalt Crack Cleaning Heat Lance

When it comes to crack repair, it's crucial to understand that it's not as simple as just pouring melted rubber sealant over the cracks and calling it a job well done. Proper pre-application, including thorough cleaning and drying, is a vital step that should never be skipped. A clean asphalt surface provides the ideal canvas for crack fillers to adhere effectively, ensuring long-lasting results. To prepare your pavement correctly, you need a powerful, precise, and cost-effective heat lance, and that's where the Asphalt Crack Cleaning Heat Lance comes into play.

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Features and Benefits

  • Maximized Adhesion: This heat lance is designed to maximize crack sealant adhesion. By thoroughly cleaning and preparing the crack, it ensures that the sealant adheres optimally to the asphalt pavement, resulting in a strong and enduring bond.

  • Versatile Use: The Asphalt Crack Cleaning Heat Lance isn't limited to crack preparation alone. It can also be used to prepare potholes before filling, ensuring that your pavement repairs are comprehensive and effective.

  • Sealant Removal: In addition to preparation, this heat lance can also remove or remelt excess sealant from the surface, leaving behind a clean and professional finish.

The All-In-One Solution

The Stinger's heat lance model is engineered for maximum performance, regardless of the project's demands. With a potent 5.5-horsepower Honda engine, it eliminates the need for additional costly preparation machines. This heat lance efficiently removes debris and moisture, leaving your surface ready for professional crack sealant application that lasts.

In addition to the reliable Honda engine, you'll receive essential tools and accessories, including the unit itself and a 25-foot hose designed for easy maneuvering and crack access. The 59" lance, weighing 10lbs, utilizes a single-stage compressor, requiring only a propane tank to get started on your pavement preparation for crack sealing.

What sets this heat lance apart is its commitment to safety and efficiency. It employs electronic ignition and features a stainless steel burner, ensuring ease of use and long-lasting quality.

No Charring or Burns

Unlike other models in its price range, this portable heat lance model doesn't directly expose the pavement to flames. Instead, it burns vapor propane and mixes it with compressed air, generating high-velocity hot air without fire. This guarantees perfectly etched and primed cracks while prioritizing safety with a regulator and stainless-steel burner. The swivel rear wheel makes operating the machine a one-person job, enhancing efficiency.

Please note that this item ships via freight and requires a liftgate or forklift for delivery. If you lack these, let us know, and we'll arrange a solution for you.


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