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Kevin King

About the Author

The Founder and top blog contributor at Asphalt Industrial, based in Los Angeles, CA, Kevin King has been working in the Asphalt maintenance industry for years now. As an experienced professional, Kevin offers valuable insights and guidance to aspiring and established entrepreneurs in this field. With a rich background in growing businesses, Kevin has a knack for turning challenges into success stories. He's not just about running his business; he's passionate about sharing his journey to help others grow theirs.

With a focus on practical, results-driven approaches, Kevin helps clients and readers navigate the complexities of the industry. His expertise covers asphalt maintenance techniques, business growth strategies, and a curated selection of the best asphalt maintenance equipment on the market, tailored for people like you. 

Over time, Kevin has connected with top asphalt maintenance manufacturers, like Asphalt Kingdom, carefully selecting their products for his website. His goal? To make your shopping experience simple and efficient. He's designed the site with user-friendly features like filters, graphs, and tables, taking the hassle out of choosing the right equipment for your business. Plus, he's committed to offering these high-quality products at competitive prices! 

Check out some of the top categories like asphalt sealer sprayers, crack filling machines, line striping machines, and more! 

Kevin's personal story is a testament to perseverance and strategic thinking. He's been in the trenches, learned from his experiences, and now he's ready to pass on that knowledge. He believes that with the right guidance and tools, anyone can make their business thrive.

Outside of his professional life, Kevin enjoys camping, fishing, riding motorcylces, and hanging out with his dog, Panzer, which helps him stay balanced and inspired.

About the Author