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Asphalt Sealer Sprayers

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Asphalt Sealer Sprayers and Sealcoating Equipment for Sale

From easy-to-operate driveway sealer sprayers to larger, air-operated professional sealcoating spray systems, Asphalt Industrial is sure to have the right sealcoat sprayer or sealcoat spray system that meets your needs and your budget. We offer a variety of sealcoat sprayers and sealcoating equipment that can handle both small DIY projects and large-scale professional jobs – all at affordable prices.

Not sure which sealcoat spray system is right for you? No worries, we're here to help you reach your business goals and find the right tools you need to continue growing your seal coating business!

asphalt sealcoat sprayer in the back of a truck

What Sealcoat Sprayer / Sealcoat Spray System Should You Use?

Below is a list of the sealcoat sprayers and spray systems that we offer at Asphalt Industrial. It overviews the different asphalt sealer sprayers that you can use depending on the benefits that you're looking for, your budget, and the type of sealcoating project that you will be working on.

Choosing the right sealcoat sprayer for your needs will help you to sealcoat asphalt surfaces like a pro! Review the table and learn the differences between the variety of seal coat sprayer machines available to you and find the right one for your sealcoating project needs!

Sealcoat Sprayers With Power Packed Performance!

Our asphalt sealcoat sprayers and sealcoating spray systems come at affordable prices, high-quality materials, and peak performance that will be sure to leave you – and your clients – with a finished product you can be proud of.

Many of our sealcoating spray systems feature cast iron pumps, which are known for their industry-leading durability. The typical aluminum and poly pumps sold by other competitors will often break down quickly from the strain of sealcoating, leaving you with leaky seals and low pressure when spraying.

Our sealcoat spray systems spray also are equipped with fuel efficient engines, including four-stroke engines with oil sensor alerts, making it virtually impossible to have an empty oil tank and burn out your motor.

All of the plumbing, hoses, quick connections, and guns are industrial-grade quality and built for commercial use, meaning you can use your sealcoat sprayer or sealcoat spray system with full confidence that it will hold up well against heavy use.

Spray sealer faster and more efficiently to save you time and earn more money every day. 

Finding the right tools needed to get the job done can often be a challenge. At Asphalt Industrial, we know what sealcoating contractors need to perform well and make their lives easier.

That's why we highly recommend moving to a sealcoat spraying system rather than applying sealcoat by hand. Not only is it easier, but it's significantly quicker and more efficient. Investing in a sealcoat sprayer or spray system allows you to get more jobs done throughout the day and increase your profits.

A common concern among contractors is understanding exactly how much seal coat area your asphalt sealer machine system can cover. Though it may seem difficult, there is an easy way to figure this number out. Generally speaking, you will get:

  • 100 square feet of sealer coverage per gallon if you're spraying it, and
  • 75 square feet of coverage per gallon if you're applying the sealer by hand with a squeegee or a seal brush.

Using these averages, you should be able to calculate exactly how much coverage you might get, depending on the method of application you are using.

Sealcoat Sprayer and Spray System Coverage Rate Guide

  • Drum Sprayers connect to a 55-gallon drum and will provide 5,500 square feet of coverage per drum.
  • Tote Spray Systems connects to a 275-gallon tote and will provide 27,500 square feet of asphalt surface.
  • The AK130 asphalt emulsion sprayer will provide you with 13,000 square feet of sealer coverage.
  • The AK230 Sealcoating Spray System will give you 23,000 square feet of sealer coverage. Designed to spray sealer over large areas in smaller amounts of time.

We recommend using a drum sealer spray system or a driveway sealer sprayer with a tote for those starting their sealcoating business and are on a very limited budget, as well as those working on a DIY project for their own large sized driveway or parking lot. These are great options for property owners and part time or new contractors as they're affordable and have a fan-shaped spray pattern which produces an even application.

If you're starting your own professional asphalt sealcoating business or just have a large parking lot that you need to sealcoat, we recommend going with a sealcoat spray system with a larger capacity tank. The AK130, AK230, and Air Operated Sprayer Systems are the preferred options for the scope of a large project and deliver excellent results.

If you're starting out and you have some startup capital to spend, fast-track your success with an asphalt sealcoating package. We created different packages for different businesses, like the driveway sealcoating package and the weekend warrior package.

Though we provide our customers with the fastest and most effective sprayers on the market, it's still important to take your time during the sealer application process. Ensuring an even sealer application can be a real challenge when starting out, and the last thing you want is an uneven finish that is striped or has different shades.

Be sure to follow this checklist before you begin, as well as while you are performing a sprayed application process:

  1. Make sure the sealer is properly diluted. We recommend diluting with water at a 20%-30% ratio before running it through your sealcoat spray system.
  2. Ensure that your material is mixed well and all solids are mixed into a liquid form. Any clusters of sealer can create a sputter at your gun tip, puddling your sealcoat and giving it a darker shade in that area.
  3. Keep a five-gallon bucket of water – with a sponge and some rags – near you during the application process so you can clean up any spilled or oversprayed sealer.
  4. Protect surface borders, retaining walls, and garage doors from any overspray with an edger. You can also use plywood or tape. This will save you time and the headache of cleaning up overspray, which can be very difficult to do once it's dry.
  5. Start with spraying a 3-4 foot border around all of the parameters of the surface that you are sealcoating. This will keep the surface borders safe and allow you to spray the main area without worrying about overspray.
  6. Always start spraying sealer at the opposite end of your sealer spray system, moving from left to right (or vice versa) and holding the spray tip 2-3 feet above the asphalt surface. Work at a slow walking pace to ensure that the sealer is completely covering the area. Remember that it's always better to apply a little more sealer than to leave any areas unsealed.
  7. Provide an overlap halfway over your spray passes, essentially applying two coats in one. A 50% overlap throughout your spray pattern will leave you with an excellent result.

Using this checklist before you begin operating your sealcoat spray system will help you spend more time making money and avoid unnecessary downtime. After all, your spray system is your business! For more information about how to apply asphalt sealcoat, click here.

Before You Start: Tips Before You Get on The Asphalt Job!

  1. Keep the sealer level where it was when you stored it.
  2. Make sure the spray tips are all clean and ready to use.
  3. Make sure you fill cracks with your crack filling machine before getting started.
  4. Ensure the engine is full of gas.
  5. Check oil level.
  6. Confirm that your machine's valves are in the re-circulation position.
  7. Start the engine and verify that the sealer is re-circulating in the main tank. If yes, the pump is primed and ready.
  8. Make sure your brush boxes are ready to go to avoid drying out your brushes.
  9. Switch your valves into spray mode and begin spraying!
  10. Lastly, ask your client if they will need any line striping on their parking lot. This could be an easy way to make a few more bucks!

Routine Maintenance Schedule for Your Sealcoat Spray System: Keep Your Sealcoating Equipment In Excellent Shape

  1. Change the motor oil every 100 hours of active use.
  2. Replace the engine spark plug every 200 hours of active use.
  3. Clean the air filter approximately every 80 hours.
  4. Carefully inspect all plumbing, hoses, and quick connects every 40 hours.
  5. Completely drain your tank and clean the inside using a pressure washer before the season begins and after the season ends.
  6. Use black rust paint to touch up any scratches on your tank to prevent rusting (if applicable).

Best Asphalt Sealcoating Accessories and Must-Haves

There are a few asphalt sealcoating accessories that we recommend to both beginners and seasoned asphalt contractor veterans. Be sure to check out our list of 5 must-have asphalt sealer accessories too! Here are some of our favorites:

  • Sealcoating Edger: An asphalt sealcoating edger will help you spray sealcoat around edges and corners like a pro, improving the quality and efficiency of each job.
  • Drum Mixer: There's no way around it, to properly mix your emulsion sealer or any kind of asphalt sealer, you'll need a long drum mixer.
  • Spray Wand: Improve precision and efficiency with our asphalt spray wands, available in residential or commercial sizes.
  • Spray Tips: We carry top-quality asphalt sealcoating sprayer tips in multiple sizes, see which one will work for you.
  • Sealcoating Hoses: Chances are you'll need longer hoses or hose reel at some point. Check out our collection. We'll have what you need. 

asphalt sealcoating accessories

Pick the Right Asphalt Sealer For Your Next Job

Doing a good job that lasts not only requires the right tools but the right materials. We recommend using one of our asphalt emulsion sealers with your asphalt sealcoat sprayer or spray systems. Our sealers are commercial grade, fast drying, long lasting, and in high demand. 

Have a Question or Need Assistance with Purchasing Sealcoating Equipment? We're Here to Help! 

Call us today at 1 (888) 320-9855 or email us at, and we'll be happy to help you!

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