Portable-Pro Asphalt Seal Coating Sprayer Machine

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GX160 Portable-Pro Seal Coating Spray Machine

Become a pro sealcoating with the air operated Portable-Pro Seal Coating Equipment system.  Its versatility allows you to spray sealer directly from drums, totes, tanks, hand agitated units or  other storage containers of sealer and lets you spray sealer mixed with sand! This sealcoat  spraying unit is an excellent choice for providing your customers with high quality sealcoating  that lasts long and provides traction, even when their asphalt is wet. 

  • Power-packed performance with the Dual Diaphragm Rolair Compressor
  • Pump Additional connection kits to connect to your tank, drums or totes 
  • Less downtime and better results with industrial quality parts 

What Makes The GX160 Different

The Standard Pro Spray system comes with a 5.5HP GX160 Honda engine and a 1-inch Dual  Diaphragm Rolair Compressor Pump. This system features a 2-gallon strainer assembly with  basket, 75-foot hose, 6-foot lightweight Spray Wand and the transfer kit includes a 3-foot  suction hose. 

It’s also mounted on a sturdy frame equipped with back wheels for easy portability. 

Made to Order

These professional-grade, portable sealcoating system units are built-to-order, requiring a  deposit upon your order. The manufacturer then takes four weeks to custom-build your  sealcoating machine and you can generally expect one week of freight shipping to your door. 

The Bottom Line 

Why should you choose the Portable-Pro Seal Coating Equipment system over an all-in-one  spray system with a tank? This depends on your operating preferences. If you’re just looking for  a spray sealer mixed with sand, then this sealcoating unit or air-operated sprayers with a tank  are both solid systems.

However, this unit will let you spray directly from drums and totes of  sealer without needing to transfer sealer into tanks, making it an excellent option for those  starting out with sealcoating and those who just want to use the drums or totes of sealer without  transferring to a tank. The versatility allows you to move the sprayer between drums and totes  or you can add a sealcoating tank for days when you have more jobs to do. 

With a widely-functional sprayer like this, you can’t go wrong!

 Portable-Pro Seal Coating Machine Specifications

  • Dimension: 33" tall x 41" long x 22" wide
  • Weight (empty): 220 lbs.
  • Engine: 5.5HP GX160 Honda engine Pump Rolair compressor pump PSI 250 PSI
  • Sealer Hose Size: 75'
  • Spray Wand :Size 6'

Portable-Pro Asphalt Seal Coating Sprayer Machine Top View


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