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 Sealer: Bulk Tanker Load

Asphalt emulsion sealer is the latest environmentally friendly, EPA-approved alternative to the traditional coal tar sealer. It is extremely quick drying. The application area can be driven on only hours later!

Our tanker truck holds 4,350 gallons of asphalt sealer. A gallon of pavement sealer will cover around 100 square feet, 55 gallons covers 5,500 square feet (anywhere from six to eight residential driveways), 220 gallons (a skid) will cover 22,000 SF, 880 gallons (4 skids) will cover 88,000 square feet (enough for 2 acres), and this 4,350-gallon tank will cover 435,000 square feet. This is enough to cover almost 10 acres or a tenth of a square mile. If asphalt covering is your livelihood, this is the way to go!



How It Works

If you already have a bulk tank, our tanker truck will come to you and fill it up! No more running out or having to postpone jobs waiting on your product to ship! The tanker truck will fill up at one of our seal coat plants and bring the product directly to your container! If you have a smaller tank and live near one of our plants, you can make arrangements to come directly to us, saving shipping costs.

Sealer: Bulk Tanker Load

Benefits of Emulsion Sealers

  • Coverage that is airport quality
  • No VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), and not considered hazardous waste
  • Same day drying!
  • The vivid black color makes asphalt look brand new
  • Can be used anywhere in the United States

Benefits of A Bulk Tanker Load

  • Tanker trunk comes to you and fills your existing tank
  • A bulk loyalty program is available
  • Buying in bulk saves money per gallon
  • One one shipping fee, based on your location
  • Always have sealer when you need it
  • Professional contractor-grade material



Ask a Question
  • I want to pick up my own driveway sealer with my own bulk tank , where ans how much for a 275 gal?


    The cost of the 275 Gallon Tote of Asphalt Emulsion Sealer is $1,649.00.

    Regrettably, we do not offer a pickup option for orders.

  • I want to pickup my own driveway celer in bulk


    Unfortunately we only don't have an option for order for pick up.