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Cold Asphalt Patch

Year-round solution for asphalt pothole repair. Cold Asphalt Patch cures quickly, covering 4 sq. ft. per bag. Get lasting results with proper prep and sealing.

Upgrade your asphalt repair game with our Cold Asphalt Patch, perfect for year-round pothole fixes. It's easy to use no matter the weather and solidifies within 3-4 hours.

One 50lbs bag of Cold Asphalt Patch will allow you to patch 4 square feet of asphalt 1 inch thick. Minimum order: 6 bags.

Features and Benefits

  • Year-round solution: Works in all temperatures.
  • Quick curing: Achieves solidity in just 3-4 hours.
  • Coverage: One 50lbs bag patches 4 sq. ft. of asphalt at 1" thickness.
  • Minimum order: 6 bags for your convenience.

Cold patch asphalt was initially a temporary fix, but advancements have made it a long-lasting solution. Now, you can save on driveway repairs without investing in hot asphalt mix and equipment. Here's how to make your patch last:

Cold Asphalt Patch

Proper Preparation

  • Clean the pothole, removing dirt and loose asphalt.
  • Ensure the edges of the hole are solid.
  • Assess the depth (1-2 inches is ideal).
  • For deeper holes, add gravel before patching.

Effective Tamping

  • Tamp down the gravel and asphalt patch.
  • Proper tamping prevents future issues.

Allow Full Curing

  • Cold Asphalt Patch hardens upon application.
  • Let it cure entirely before heavy use.

Sealcoating for Longevity

  • Sealcoating preserves asphalt flexibility.
  • Apply after the patch fully cures.

With Cold Asphalt Patch, pothole repairs are a breeze, and they last. Make your driveway look good as new year-round.

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