Portable Asphalt Sealcoat Sprayer For 55 Gallon Drums

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Portable Asphalt Sealcoat Spray System For Drums - AK55

There is a high demand for sealer sprayer applications both for commercial and residential use. You can acquire the AK55 portable spray system for professional sealcoat applications. It has a low-cost entry and delivers top tier results. Its ball valve is customized to serve with a dual operation mechanism:

  • You can mix the sealer in the drum by setting the ball valve into re-circulate mode.
  • Additionally, you can switch the ball valve to spray mode. It enables spraying of the sealer in a cone-shaped design under immense pressure. 

Our engineers use cutting-edge professionalism to ensure that you get a high performing end product. The sealers also undergo pragmatic testing to ensure that they deliver efficient performance for the utmost results. The sealer sprayer is customized to perform with coal tar sealer and specific asphalt emulsion sealer brands such as Neyra, Sealmaster and GemSeal sealers. You are also recommended not to incorporate latex additives. 

Portable Asphalt Sealcoat Sprayer For 55 Gallon Drums


AK 55 Sealer Sprayer Features

  • Pump and Engine.
  • Fast mixing operation. This sealcoat spray system can take 3-4 minutes when mixing sealer in a fifty-five gallon drum. 
  • Effective for a 600-700 square feet area which can be executed in approximately 15 minutes.
  • Its ball valve has two modes of operation, re-circulate mode and spray mode.

Approved Sealers

Bottom Line

The AK55 portable spray system is an excellent spray sealer that provides both mixing and spraying operations. It has a dual ball valve operation mechanism that can be switched to the re-circulate or spray mode. Rookies can also use it as it requires little or no experience. The machine has undergone masterpiece development to ensure that you have a seal coating experience that is up to par. 

It sprays under high pressure with a fan-shaped pattern to ensure that your pavements and parking lots have an even coating. 

The portable spray system can cover a significantly large area of about 600 to 700 square feet, which is more than satisfactory. You can use the Drum Sealer Sprayer to coat using coal tar sealers or specific brands of asphalt emulsion sealer, such as GemSeal, Sealmaster, and Neyra. 

We have seal coat sprayers from numerous brands at great prices. We value our customer’s needs, and that’s why Asphalt Industrial is here to help you own a quality sealer sprayer. You can call our experts for advice or any burning query.  

Sealcoat Spray System Specifications

  • Engine Options
    • Launtop LT210 7.0HP Four-Stroke Engine with Low Oil Shutdown, Recoil Start
    • Honda GX160 5.5HP Four-Stroke Engine with Low Oil Shutdown, Recoil Start
  • Pump Specs
    • Standard: 2” Aluminum Centrifugal Pump
    • Standard Duty, EPDM Mechanical Seal
    • Cast Iron Impeller
    • Or optional upgrade 2" Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump Severe Duty, Viton/Tungsten Mechanical Seal Cast Iron Impeller Stainless Steel Wear Plate
  • Tank
    • None Included
    • Includes Quick Connect Sprayer Kit to spray sealer from 55 Gallon Drums
    • (Drums sold separately)
    • Included Accessories
    • 50’ x ¾” – 275psi Rated Sealcoating Hose
    • 6’ Ball Valve Gun w Hose Swivel
    • 2GPM, 3GPM, 4GPM Quick-Connect Spray Tips (1/Each)
    • Quick-Connect 3-Way Valve
    • Performance
      • Agitation through pump recirculation @ 165 GPM
      • Sprayer Pressure: 45 psi at tip
    • Weight 155 lbs
    • Dimensions 30" x 25" x 30"
    • Sealer Compatibility
      • Refined coal tar emulsion without additives
      • Asphalt emulsion without additives

    Portable Asphalt Sealcoat Sprayer For 55 Gallon Drums Operator's Manual

    Portable Asphalt Sealcoat Sprayer For 55 Gallon Drums QuickStart Guide

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    Steven Timmons

    Nice product

    Joseph A Luciano
    Engine Replacement

    Thank You for your very quick response and replacement efficiency on engine. Pump is working well ! Joseph Luciano


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    • What is spray praressure. Is it on demand and will it spray contact cement


      Agitation through pump recirculation @ 165 GPM
      Sprayer Pressure: 45 psi at tip
      Please keep in mind that this Asphalt Emulsion Sealer is intended for use with asphalt. As a result, it will have a different effect on concrete than it does on asphalt.