Football Field Stencil Kit


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Football Field Stencil Kit

Our 6 foot Football Field number stencil is ideal for painting yardage numbers on your football field. Each football field stencil kit Set includes 0 thru 5, G, and one directional arrow.


  • Easy to use: Just lay stencil on the field and apply paint
  • Built to last: These industrial-strength stencils are durable and dependable, providing years of use.
  • Easy to clean:  Dried paint can easily be removed with a scraper or pressure hose.
  • 1/8″ (125mil) – Professional grade:
    • The thickest and most durable stencil
    • Will last a lifetime with proper care
    • Ideal for repetitive daily use
    • Can use high pressure hose for easy cleaning
    • Lifetime warranty
  • 1/16″(63mil) – Light-Duty:
    • Economical and flexible
    • Great for curves and  uneven surfaces
    • Perfect for one time projects or occasional use


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