Pallet of Deery PLS Oil Jacketed Crack Filler


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Pallet of Deery PLS Oil Jacketed Crack Filler

This pallet of PLS Crack Filler by Deery contains 75 boxes. This product is great for concrete and asphalt in high-traffic areas. Popular application sites include municipal roads, highways, and airports. Cracks in asphalt will let water in and can create pockets of air that will eventually collapse creating potholes. This is perfect for large areas needing repair on roads with a lot of traffic. The Deery PLS filler is designed to be used in concrete and asphalt in areas that polymers, modifiers, and recycled rubber are approved by local DOT.

How To Apply

This Deery PLS Crack Sealer must be applied hot and used with a constant agitation oil-jacket melter. The crack should be thoroughly cleaned and dried, free of plants, dirt, and other debris. The Deery PLS material should be melted in an oil-jacket melter to a temperature between 380 and 400°F. Apply the melted material to the crack with a wand applicator, wheeled push bander, or a hand-held pour pot. Once the crack is filled, use a squeegee to seal any excess material to the surrounding pavement for a tight seal.


  • Meets DOT requirements in many states
  • Contains recycled rubber which can be a great selling point
  • Can be used on asphalt or concrete
  • Protects the road foundation from water damage
  • Protects from erosion, water, and ice
  • Allows more flexibility than direct-fire crack fill
  • Free shipping

Please Note

  • Not for use in areas that polymers, modifiers, and recycled rubber are banned.
  • Must be used with an oil-jacket melter.
  • Pavement temperatures are recommended to be 40 degrees Fahrenheit or higher
  • Do not use the Deery PLS in a direct-fire crack sealer machine.
  • Due to nation-wide trucking delays, shipping takes approximately 12-16 days
  • Heating this product over 400°F for a prolonged period can cause damage to the structural integrity and adhesive performance of this product.


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