Asphalt Sealer Drum Mixer


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Drum Mixer for Asphalt Sealer

You’ve been mixing your sealer the wrong way.

Stop using a broom handle or paddle to mix your material before starting a job and get this 46” Drill Extension Mixer. This mixer not only makes the job easier, it also eliminates downtime and will mix your asphalt sealer the right way, saving you time and money. Properly mixing your compound prevents poor, inconsistent finishes so you can produce a great result.

A thoroughly blended, uniform consistency allows the sealant to flow smoothly through your sprayer with minimum clogging and waste. This affordable 55-gallon Drum Mixer delivers that even flow, is easy to clean and can be stored practically anywhere.

It’s time to stop stirring by hand and mix your sealer quickly and easily, right in the drum. Save time, money and get a more uniform product on your next job with this drill extension Drum Mixer.

Asphalt Sealcoating Drum Mixer

  • Keeps sealer mixed and ready for application
  • Compact size for easy storage
  • Lightweight build reduces physical strain on your arms
  • Mixes 55-gallon drums of sealer


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