Asphalt Parking Lot Contractor's Silver Package


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Parking Lot Contractor's Silver Package

Asphalt sealcoating can be a great standalone business venture or a highly profitable addition to  the existing parking lot maintenance services you offer to your clients. Choosing the right  equipment that pays for itself is important for growing your business successfully. It’s also a  great way to kiss the old back-breaking method of hand applying sealer goodbye. 

The Parking Lot Contractor’s Silver Package covers 22,000 square feet of sealer and 7,200  linear feet of crack filling. At a market rate of $0.25 per square foot sealer and $1.00 per linear  foot crack filling, you’ll be able to see $12,700, with prices varying by location. Of course,  ordering a greater quantity of supply will decrease costs and save you money over time. 

With all of the equipment and supplies you need to take on the big jobs, this package will set  you up perfectly. You’ll have enough crack filler and sealer to work on small and mid-sized  parking lots. 

The Parking Lot Contractor’s Silver Package includes: 

  • Landshark Walk Behind Blower for easy surface prep 
  • Repair cracks with the RY10 Pro and the included 36 boxes of Deery hot pour crack filler
  • AK230 PRO Spray System for efficient sealcoating with a full pallet of Sealer
  • Wand Wizard Edger For Sealcoating (optional) 

The Landshark Walk Behind Blower gives you powerful leaf blowing and asphalt surface  clearing prior to crack repairs and sealcoating. 

The industrial grade RY10 Pro Crack Sealing Machine melts and applies crack filler and  consumes half of the fuel that torch-fired alternatives use, while still melting crack fill material up  to 50% faster. With this machine, you can melt and apply rubberized hot pour crack fill material  at a walking speed, saving you the hassle of sealing cracks with a squeegee on your hands and  knees. 

Specifically designed for mid-size contractors, the AK230 Residential/Commercial Sealcoat  Sprayer features a 230-gallon tank and is perfect for sealcoating up to 23,000 square feet of  pavement. The Quick-Connect fittings allow you to assemble and disassemble the spray system  in less than a minute, saving you time setting up and cleaning before and after the day and  allowing you to spend more time on the job earning greater profits. 

Included in this package are 36 boxes, or 1,080 pounds, of hot pour rubberized crack fill. This is  enough to get any professional started in their crack sealing business. 

You will also get four 55-gallon drums of sealer. This sealer covers 100 square feet of surface  area per gallon (5,500 square feet per drum), meaning the 220-gallon volume is enough to seal  up to 22,000 square feet of asphalt pavement.

Professional sealcoaters know that overspray can’t be avoided. That’s why we are offering the  option of our Wand Wizard Edger for Sealcoating. Seal edges and curbs like a pro without  worrying about making a mess. No more needing someone to hold a piece of cardboard or  plywood as you spray. 

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Asphalt Parking Lot Contractor's Silver Package

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