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 Engine & Pump Combos

Powerful Sealcoating Engines & Pumps

In the market for a new seal coating engine or pump?

If you’re looking to replace the engine, check your pump type then find the proper engine listed on this chart:

Engine Pump Suitable Product
Launtop LT210Q1 7.0 HP Aluminum Pump
Launtop LT210 7.0HP Engine (Aluminum Pumps Only)
Launtop LT210Q1 7.0 HP Iron Pump
Launtop LT210Q1 7.0HP Engine (Iron Pumps Only)
Honda GX160QX 5.5HP Iron Pump
Honda GX160QX 5.5HP Engine (Iron Pumps Only)

The vertically aligned cast iron engine pump won’t work with previous engines used in these spray systems. If you plan on purchasing the vertically aligned cast iron pump, you’ll need a new engine as well.

For spray systems (pre-2019) with the Briggs and Stratton engine, you’ll need the engine and pump combo kit to retrofit it. We recommend ordering the Tote Spray System in this case. You’ll get a new wand, a spray hose and extra tips. It’s a simpler way to upgrade your sealcoating pump and engine at a great value.

If you’re looking to replace the engine and pump for your 2019-current spray system, see the options listed below:

Engine Pump Product
Launtop LT210 7.0 HP 2" Aluminum Pump
Launtop LT210 7.0HP Engine + 2" Aluminum Pump Assembly
Launtop LT210Q1 7.0 HP 2" Cast Iron Pump
Launtop LT210Q1 7.0HP Engine + 2" Cast Iron Pump Assembly
Honda GX160QX 5.5 HP 2" Cast Iron Pump
Honda GX160QX 5.5HP Engine + 2" Cast Iron Pump Assembly

Engine and Pump Combo Questions

Can I use the Honda engine I bought with an aluminum pump?

  • The Honda engine is not suited for an aluminum pump and is to only be operated with a cast iron pump.

Do all Launtop engines work with my sealcoating pump?

  • Aluminum and cast iron sealcoating pumps require a Launtop engine that corresponds to them. For aluminum pumps: the LT210 Engine. For cast iron pumps: the LT210Q1 Engine.

If I own an older sealcoating system with a horizontal engine/pump, can I just replace the engine?

  • Newer engines and pumps have different configurations than those sold in the past. For your system to properly operate, you’ll need a new engine and pump assembly. We recommend looking at the Tote Spray System (see above for more information).

Whenever I change the engine and/or pump, will the seals need to be replaced as well?

  • The main seal is susceptible to wear and tear and should be replaced after every 50 hours of use. It’s also ideal to change it when you plan on disassembling the pump for maintenance.
    • Aluminum pumps: use an aluminum pump mechanical seal (ceramic)
    • Cast iron pumps: use a Viton/Tungsten seal assembly (¾” shaft)
  • After enduring extensive testing, the new vertically aligned sealcoating engine pump displays quality and performance. You can rest assured that the aligned sealcoating pumps demonstrate impressive power and are built to last, regardless of aluminum or cast iron.
  • These self-priming pumps feature a 2” output with quick connects for fast and easy setup, allowing your crew to sealcoat even faster and operate the new equipment with guaranteed pressure.
    • Reliable performance
    • Simpler repairs
    • Reduced noise, vibration & emissions

Honda GX160QX 5.5HP Engine (Iron Pumps Only)

Coming from a name you can trust, Honda’s GX series engines are known for superior dependability and performance. They produce lower noise levels, vibrations and emissions

  • all without sacrificing the power or performance necessary for pumping asphalt sealer.

Launtop 7.0HP Engines

As part of an elite quality group of engine pumps available, the 7HP 4-stroke Launtop engines are some of the most reliable and affordable on the market. They’re excellent options to replace major brand name engines like Honda, Briggs, Tecumseh and more.

These engine pumps have the same size, weight and physical dimensions of the 5.5HP and 6.5HP engines from leading brands, allowing them to effortlessly fit with your current equipment.

  • LT210: Aluminum pumps
  • LT210Q1: Cast iron pumps

2" Cast Iron Centrifugal Sealcoating Pump

Built for asphalt sealcoating, the 2” Cast Iron Centrifugal Sealcoating Pump is a strong, reliable pump that produces powerful pressure while you’re sealcoating. It features a carbon ceramic seal, a dynamically balanced stainless steel impeller and a spring with FKM (Viton type) rubber.


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      Unfortunately, we don't have a system that will spray sand.