Gator Patch Full Pallet (24 pails)

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Gator Patch Full Pallet (24 pails)

If you are a contractor or have a very large area of asphalt that is cracked and scaly and needs repairs, one bucket might not be enough. This full pallet of gator patch contains 24 buckets! Each bucket covers 20 SF (150 LF), so an entire pallet will cover 480 square feet or 3,600 linear feet of damaged area. To give you a perspective, a standard two-car garage is around 360 square feet. The gator patch is perfect for covering unsightly areas with alligator cracking.

What is Alligator Cracking?

An alligator crack is caused by a failure of the area underneath the asphalt or by extreme stress. It is called alligator cracking because the asphalt gets little square-like cracks that resemble the scales of a crocodile or alligator.

What is A Gator Patch?

The Gator patch has a mortar-like consistency and is ready right out of the pail. Just pour and spread! The gator patch dries just like asphalt and can last several years. If you don’t have the money to completely replace asphalt, this is a great solution to get you by for a few years while you save up the money for a full overhaul!

How To Apply

The Gator Patch is easy to apply, long-lasting, and quick drying. First, the cracked area must be clean and dry. Dirt, plants, and other debris left in the crack can cause the patch to not bond correctly and reduce the effectiveness of the patch. You can use whatever method you are comfortable with, but we suggest using a crack cleaning brush or blower. Next, mix the patch material according to the directions on the bucket. Pour the Gator Patch directly onto the cracked surface. Now you spread the material out with a squeegee, removing any excess once complete. Finally, let the patch dry for three or four hours before allowing anyone to drive on the area.
48 hours after applying the patch, we recommend using a coal tar sealer or regular asphalt sealer to make the repair last longer.

Gator Patch Full Pallet (24 pails)


  • The area is ready for traffic in four hours or less
  • Asphalt-like finish
  • It Will last 3-4 years
  • Good in all climates and weather


  • Keep away from children
  • Do not store in direct sun or areas that will reach a temperature of 100°F or more
  • Wash your tools with soap and water. A solvent can be used on material that has dried hard.
  • Avoid applying on wet asphalt, temperatures below 50°F, or on a rainy day or lots of fog.
  • Delivery in rural areas may occur an additional shipping charge. Call us to find out more.



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