PROMAX Air Operated 575 Gallon Hydraulic Asphalt Spray System

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PROMAX Air Operated 575 Gallon Hydraulic Agitated  Spray System

The PROMAX Air Operated Sealcoating 575 Gallon Hydraulic Agitated  Spray System is packed with all of the features that a  mid to pro-level contractor needs to run a professional sealcoating company with unbeatable  value and performance. It's built with high quality components that last so you don’t have to  burn through poorly constructed alternative hydraulic systems. 

  • Hydraulic agitated steel tank 
  • Spray coal tar or asphalt emulsion sealer with sand loads 
  • Regulate your pressure output and the turn of a handle 

Check out the videos: a walk-around of the product, and one of our customers spraying with it  for the first time. 


The PROMAX spray system sprays heavy sand loads without any hassle. 

This system is built with a steel tank and skid construction, making it bulletproof and safe from  any potential rollovers, and is precisely welded to assure your unit will resist the roughest of  environments. We’ve also included the option to add on a Hose Reel for $599. 

The trailer unit has fixed frame mounting, meaning the sealer tank is attached to the trailer  frame itself. Additional trailer mount unit features include: 

  • Two 6,000-pound axles 
  • Running lights & brake lights 
  • Safety breakaway braking system 

Note: Trailer units require pick-up at our Wooster, OH facility (you can set up Hot Shot for trailer  unit delivery once pick-up is available). 

The sealer tanks come with SIX PADDLE (3 rubber blades) hydraulic agitation, a full sweep  agitation system that ensures proper mixing prior to application. With these powerful units, you  can spray straight sealer or asphalt sealer with heavy sand loads. 

The PROMAX Air Operated 575 Gallon Hydraulic Agitated  Spray System features an Aro 1 ½” Dual Air Diaphragm sealcoating  pump which maintains the accurate pressure you need to spray sealer on the surface properly.

Additionally, the power-packed pump and diaphragm can process up to 130 gallons of sealer  per minute! 

Built for industrial use, the Rol Air compressor is designed to last a lifetime and far outlive  alternative cheap compressor components. A feature that’s admired by many professionals is  the throttle-valve system. This drops in RPMs and the compressor switches to idle when you  shut the spray wand off, saving you gas and limiting wear and tear on the equipment. 

A profitable and successful asphalt sealcoating business starts with selecting the right  sealcoating machine that can apply sealer in an easy and efficient manner, saving you time and  delivering professional results.



  • Engine: GX390 Honda Engine
  • Hydraulic Agitation: Full sweep 6 paddle hydraulic agitation with rubber wiper blades for a cleaner tank
  • Air Compressor: 30 CFM Rol-Air compressor powered by a Honda electric start gas engine.
  • Features
    • 22″ Manway for easy clean out with a sand grate and bag splitter
    • Easy-Grip Lightweight aluminum spray wand
    • 75 ft of 250 psi sprayer hose
    • One gallon strainer assembly with basket
  • Construction: 7 gauge heads and 10 gauge side walls

PROMAX Air Operated 575 Gallon Hydraulic Asphalt Spray System

PROMAX Air Operated 575 Gallon Hydraulic Asphalt Spray System With Trailer


  • AK575 PROMAX Skid Mount
    • Length 144"
    • Width 48"
    • Height 60"
    • Weight 2240 lbs
  • AK575 PROMAX Trailer Mount
    • Length 18'
    • Width 75"
    • Height 73"
    • Weight 3100 lbs

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